Quick Thoughts and Tiny Spaces

Hi there! I can’t believe it’s Monday once again already… I’m not really sure where time goes these days, but i feel like it flies by and theres only about a week till we’re in March. 

Come March i can get the keys to my dorm room and i’m so excited! Cant wait to finally have a place all on my own even though it’s not that big and i have to share a kitchen with a bunch of other people. At least i’m going to have my own bathroom. My hope is that it’s going to be easier to create some more concrete content for the blog with pictures and such. I’m also thinking about starting a youtube channel (in danish though) where i talk about health, food and maybe include some exercises… i have a lot of thoughts.

At the moment I’m at my moms, sipping on a cup of coffee in front of the fireplace. I realise that its been about a week since my last post, so it seems like today was about time to put down a few lines of words. To be honest i’m really counting the days till march, but i do have a lot of things to do these next couple of days, so its no like i’m bored or anything, guess i’m just really looking forward to moving. 

While writing this post (i actually had no idea of what to write about) i thought about looking for some inspiration for how to decorate small places in order to get some ideas for my tiny dorm room. I might not be able to do anything major, but either way, heres a few photos i found really inspiring! 



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