Valentines Day & Simple Thoughts

Good morning lovebirds and lovely people! 

I am still a little bit emotional today, though not because it’s valentines day. If you’re curious about my emotional state you can find yesterdays post right here. I also wanna add that i had a visit at around 11pm yesterday from a woman who had hunted me down just to get my signature on a pieces of paper, because she had an unfortunate accident at the store i work at. It was a long time ago though and deeply unpleasant, but hopefully there will be no more bad karma revolving this issue. 

I have no classes today and i don’t have any plans before in the evening either so i have a slow morning. I made pancakes and celebrated my roommates birthday. 

Yesterday i joined one of the teams at the running club i thought about joining – it was a little bit nerve-racking but a good experience all in all and i think it could be good for me to join a club like that, all though, another team might be a good idea. My plan is to join them on Wednesday as well. Now… my homework is waiting for me so I better get to it, so I can enjoy the rest of the day with my other roommate when she gets back from school. 

For those of you who celebrate valentines day i hope it will be filled with love, kisses and warm hugs, but i actually which the same for those of you who don’t. Either way i hope theres a lot of good karma in the air and that theres an excess of people who feel joy today! 

// Katrine

(Heres a little reminder for those of you who are having a hard time today… but also for those who woke up next to someone they love or care for and feel an abundance of joy today!)



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