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So once again it’s Monday. A day i believe might divide people, because some people are fine with Mondays while others really aren’t. Personally I’m usually fine with Mondays, I even love them sometimes. 

Today however, have been an exception so far. Mostly because i woke up with a lot of thoughts on my mind and i still haven’t really been able to quiet them down. It didn’t really make it better that i slipped on the ice outside our house. But, the day got a lot better as classes began and this evening i have my first run together with a running club here in Aarhus which i have been thinking about joining for some time now. Im super excited! 

At the moment I’m just sipping on a cup of coffee, about to change into my running clothes. Even though I’m excited I’m also frightened because i tend to get anxious around new people, especially when i have to perform but, since i love running i hope i can relax in todays experience and that this running club is something i can find joy in. 

Just felt like checking in and ease my mind on this somewhat emotional Monday! Hope you all had a good start of the week!

// Katrine


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