The Mystery of Calories In/Calories Out

Hi there, its Sunday morning and i’m at my moms this weekend, writing at the dining table while the coffee is brewing. My mom lives in a small town outside of Aarhus with her boyfriend and they’re joined by his 10 year old son once a week. Its quite cozy when we’re all together like this. Yesterday all of us went for a long run/bikeride around a lake near by and today we’re going swimming. I love how we over time have become such an active family because it fits so well with who i am as a person.


(picture found via pinterest)

Activity is a fun thing because like almost all other things concerning the body and its functions it can be measured in so many ways and every single one of us has an idea of what kinds of activity our body are best suited for, what we find joy in and what we don’t.

As i wrote about in a previous post, running has always been a part of my life and like many other runners, i like the freedom running gives me and then theres something about feeling my body accelerate and almost fly through the air, which makes me ecstatic and very happy.

One of the things which crosses my mind every time i do any type of exercise is this thing about calories in vs. calories out – i think about what’s going on inside my body when i exercise and how the calories are actually ‘getting out’ of my body. Exercise is good, we all know that because the positive effects of exercise far exceeds the negative but, its only a few of us who actually are familiar with all the processes going on inside the body when we exercise. Just to be clear, I’m not even half way through my bachelor so I’m no expert, but my interest in this field has been here since i was very young and i believe that’s what drives me to search for knowledge and answers. 

Yesterday i began researching a little bit more than usual about calories, starting with a short video i actually came across a few years ago and i made a category on my youtube account called nutrition, so i can save all the videos i’ve watched and have found interesting and/or relevant. I’ve linked to two videos down below and i might keep you updated on some of the things i find interesting if i can find an way to unfold some of my very perplex thoughts. Hopefully a weird update like this can be enough for now?

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend so far!

Video 1: This is 200 calories

Video 2: What is a calorie?

// Katrine




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