What is health #2

Happy friday everyone! 

Thought it was about time to continue this talk about what health is. If you haven’t yet read it you can find my first post in this category right here.


(picture found via pinterest) 

In the last post I began the discussion of what health is on a broader scale by scratching the surface of what i gathered from my mini-google-research on health. I also mentioned the WHO definition and advised you to ponder over it for a few minutes before i asked you a string of questions i stumbled upon during my little research.

My research led me to four different webpages, each of which i assessed and compared to each other in relation to their similarities and differences. My main purpose with the research was to find out what kind of information on health we are faced with when doing a simple google search – i wanted to know if i would find information which was actually useful and understandable for individuals who does not have the same basic knowledge on health as me and my fellow classmates have.

So what did i actually gather from this little research? Well in Denmark we have an encyclopedia called “Den store danske” by a very large and well known publisher called “Gyldendal”. Translated “Den store danske” means “The Great Danish” and contains knowledge on practically everything you can think of, as an encyclopedia does. It is very easy to read but there is a lot of information and sometimes it can be necessary to read as much as possible to be sure that you’ve got everything you needed and did not leave anything more important out. Now this site was the first i read and actually made a good foundation for what i gathered from the next three pages as well. 

My own interest in health is pretty big so i wasn’t surprised by the fact that the general information on health and definition of it is similar to each other almost no matter which site you go to. The difference is how they have chosen to write about health and where their focus lies. Some sites has a starting point on the physical part because they believe that focusing on being healthy is beneficial to get your body into a better physical shape (i don’t disagree) and some sites are focused on the mental part as the most important factor to also achieve physical health.

Now i did do the search in danish, because even though everything i learn is taught in english i’m still mostly communication to danish people (such as my family and friends) so at the moment i feel like these people are my target group and therefor it is the knowledge available to them i also have to have a basic understanding of. To those of you who are interested these are the four webpages i found and assessed. 


vicekosmos.dk (this site has had a few changes to it since i did the research and the information i found is no longer available at the site, but Kosmos is a national center of health, exercise and nutrition for children and adolescents so i believe their information is legit) 



The webpages are in danish so they naturally won’t do much good to those of you who aren’t danish, but i would definitely advise all of you to do your own research on health and WHO is not a bad place to start. Almost al countries do have their own health sites so maybe take a look around that site as well. Unfortunately this post wasn’t as detailed as i thought it could have been but i realised that there is no need to out-water the subject when I’ve pretty much made my point in the first post about health and in this one as well, power i do think i will make a third one and do a proper sum up so i dont leave the subject to open and undefined. Hope you liked it and hope you’ll all have a great friday and weekend as well. 

// Katrine


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