Occupational Hazard & American Psycho

Good morning everyone! The weekend is just around the corner and since I’m almost feeling completely well I’m hoping it can be a productive one for me! I am still looking foreward to my classes tomorrow though since I’ve had no classes the last couple of days. Its a pretty good coincidence because then I have had the opportunity to get well without skipping classes. Thats not really my style.

I just wanted to check in and share a random thought which sort of developed after a chat i had with my roommate the other day. We talked about how education by definition is supposed to expand our minds but really it seems like people tend to become more narrow-minded as they start studying for more specific professions. As an example, both me and my roommate are studying to become GNH professionals which means we will have a much more detailed knowledge of health and nutrition than most people. The knowledge we get becomes so natural and obvious to us, that we start to wonder why there are some people who has absolutely no knowledge of how good or bad different food products are for your health – in that way we become narrow-minded because it gets harder for us to understand how some people have almost no knowledge in regards to food and nutrition. On the other hand our other roommate is studying to become an engineer and has a hard time understanding how people doesn’t have a bigger interest in how their own home is structured. But, thats also the beauty of different professions: that there are experts in all sorts of fields and that everyone doesn’t have to be experts at everything, because in that way we need each other and can complement each other to create a good society where everyone is needed for their specific skills. 

I’ve also experienced that both due to my study and my interests (which is almost the same) i have become tuned in on a specific way of thinking and naturally starts to link almost everything to health, nutrition and exercise in some twisted way. Thats why i also thought it wound be fun to share this following connection with you guys:

One of the things i mention in my description is that i have many interests, and as you probably gathered from my previous post, running is on of them. Another interest of mine is movies and movies are a perfect thing to spend time watching when you’re giving your legs some time of from all that running. All though i enjoy many genres, i do have a preference for all types of thrillers. It might seem a little morbid but, American Psycho is actually my favorite. In my defense the casting of Christian Bale might have had quite an influence in that department.

Theres a lot of things i like about movies and about American Psycho in particular which is why i got excited when i some time ago stumbled upon this post from intouchweekly.com. 


(Picture found via google.dk) 

I don’t know about you guys but i’ve always been amazed with method actors and how dedicated some of them become to a certain character. I think it speaks to me because i’ve always been interested in how much in control of our self we can be and how that behaviour reminds me of some sort of shape-shifting (I write while having pictures of Mystique from X-men inside my head, wishing that was possible.) 

To some degree i also link the part about control and shape-shifting to the world of fitness where many people exercise control in order to change their looks and size. In many cases people can become completely manic about their food prepping and workouts which is another theme (i guess you can say that) in the movie. Especially the main character Patric Bateman has a quite manic behaviour, with his workout an beauty routines. 

I fear that people around me might grow tired of my constant babbling about nutrition and fitness – But, ultimately i hope you guys enjoyed this post after all. 

// Katrine


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