A Passion for Running

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I’m currently sitting in my bed, looking out on the snowy weather outside my window, wishing i could just go for a run in the cold white snow. Unfortunately I’ve become a little bit sick and I fear that a run in the snow isn’t gonna have a very healing effect. And, since I’m not exactly keen on bed rest or being ill in general I wanna get well as soon as possible. 

Luckily I managed to go to the gym yesterday and get in a fine workout, so I’m counting on doing that again today. I also thought today would be a good time to share with you guys, my passion for running. It’s probably my number one passion and I’ve been running regularly since I was very young. 

Unfortunately I had a tiny accident with my right knee a few years back so I had to take a break in order for it to heal, but recently I’ve really gotten back into it and I’m super excited to finally be able to run the Aarhus City Half Marathon again this june. It will be the third time I’m running the Aarhus City Half Marathon. 

If you’re curious about this Half Marathon theres a short clip from the 2015 race right here and from 2016 here

Here’s also a few pictures from some previous races i’ve attended (almost always with my mom – Luckily we share the passion). The first one is from a run on the morning of New Years eve (ironically enough called the New Years Run) the second is from my first 12k run which was an all women’s run, and the last one is from the second time i ran the Aarhus City Half Marathon, back in 2015. 

// Katrine



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