On advocating health

Hello there and happy Tuesday! Here in Denmark it’s snowing at the moment and i just finished eating breakfast.

As it appears from the name of the blog and my previously written posts, i advocate health. But what is health exactly? Are we talking a healthy body, free from injury and in good shape or are we talking mental health as in being happy and free from too much worry? If you haven’t yet read my first post devoted specifically to the topic of health you can find it right here and maybe it can answer the questions above.

Personally I believe in balancing both bodily and mental health. But, when you choose to advocate something, i also believe that it is important to know exactly what your advocating but also why as well as how. I would say that it is pretty hard to advocate something if you can’t really define it. So that is sort of what i wanted to try and do with this post. 


(Picture found via pinterest.com) 

Naturally, my idea of what health and being healthy is, has developed as I’ve grown older and it will probably continue to develop. Health is an enormous field which is constantly under revision. 

What I feed my body and brain with is probably the area I’m most concerned with in regards to health, but I can’t say that I’m neglecting the physical part, not at all. However, I do agree with my textbook for my nutrition course which suggests that nutrition has the biggest influence on your overall health. But, regular exercise can get you a long way and combining the two (both nutrition and exercise) is the ultimate cocktail for good health. 

There are a lot of things I know about healthy choices in regards to food and exercise, such as the kind of choices that work for me, which nutrients the body actually needs to function properly on an everyday basis, and what types of foods we can find those nutrients in. Nonetheless there are also things i do not know. A lot of things in fact but, hopefully these next three years will provide me with nothing but knowledge and wisdom. 

// Katrine 



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