Mastering The Skill of Perpetuating

I recently began the second semester of my bachelor in Global Nutrition and Health. It’s both exciting and a little bit frightening that half a year of studying has already passed, but seen in the light of the fact that i have three more years to go, it suddenly doesn’t seem like a lot of time has gone by. 

One of the courses in this semester is called Educational Theory and Practise and our reading material are amongst others those of the great philosophers Aristotle, Socrates & Plato as well as Wolfgang Klafki and John Locke. Luckily for me i really enjoy all that philosophical stuff and i like studying where all the great thoughts and ideas which todays cultures and systems are build on have derived from. I like knowing certain things from their very beginning to the end or as far as it goes, but i could imagine that for those who does not have a particular interest in these matters might feel a little lost and despaired over this course. 

I however, feel very little satisfaction for another course which is concerned with communication. Not that the topic itself isn’t interesting, but i guess some of you guys can recollect memories of teachers who had the ability to really perpetuate something which really could have taken 5 seconds to go over. Well, the teacher who teaches this course is in fact that kind of a teacher and even though i really want to pay attention and be “a good student” i find it very difficult. Luckily the course is not that difficult and i learn enough from reading the syllabus, so if my ability to concentrate in class starts to drop, i am not completely lost. 

As far as monday’s goes this one has been a fine one so far. I’m an early bird so i awoke early with coffee and oatmeal whilst shifting between homework and Watching ‘The Originals’ before heading to school and then back home again. Now i am leaving to go to the gym, which is very much needed. I will probably spend the evening cooking and doing some more homework, before i go to sleep with a few pages of ‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka. 

Hope you all had a great start of the week!

// Katrine 


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