What is health #1

Good morning out there, it’s Saturday today and i’m just sitting in my bed wondering how to go about my day. I have some homework for next week i should get done, some business in the center of Aarhus as well and i’m going out to dinner and salsa dancing with some of my family later tonight. All in all a pretty low key but fun day ahead of me. 

But, i have been wondering where to begin when it comes to what i wanna write about here on the blog. Since I, amongst other subjects, really wanna write about health perspectives i thought it would be a good idea to start out writing about what health actually is. Not just what health is to me, all though i do wanna get to that eventually, but more precisely what health is on a broader scale and today i thought i wanted to share a tiny research i did in order to find out what we actually face health wise when we do a simple google search. 

Since i’m a dane, i started out searching on “what is health?” in danish which can be translated to “Hvad er sundhed” where “health” is equal to “sundhed” and “what is” is equal to “hvad er”.


I looked up the first four links and were actually a little surprised to find that the google search did not give me as much information as i thought it would. The information i found though were actually pretty good and I did indeed learn something which also corresponds to some of the things I have learned in my classes. Not that surprising one of the things all four webpages had in common were the mentioning of the definition of health from the World Health Organisation, or in brief WHO. Naturally there is a reason for that and it is hard to imagine a conversation about health which does not mention the WHO. 

When i began my bachelor, WHO’s definition was one of the first things we talked about and at that time i felt a little weird over not knowing the exact definition considering my huge interest in health. But as I thought it through I realized that it wasn’t really because I didn’t know the definition I just hadn’t really linked the two. I also pretty quickly realized that if you do have an interest in health and do a lot of research on your own on basic health, at some point you will get to a conclusion about health which probably isn’t that far from the WHO definition. 

The WHO definition goes like this: 

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” 

I advise you to take a few minutes to turn this definition over in your head, maybe imagine how a person in line with it would look like, how it would feel or how much you yourself feel in compliance with this definition. If you want to you can write it in the comments below. If it were a scale from lets say 0 to 100 percent and 0 would be equal to death (natural or by illness) i think i would be around a solid 95 percent. I feel pretty healthy at the moment both physical, mental and social but each criteria plays a different part in my health and maybe one of them or all of them changes throughout the day or by tommorow and then the percentage would change.  

I also wonder if spiritual health could be a fourth criteria, but i will return to that in another post. Before i finish this first post about health i wanna leave you guys with a couple of questions i myself came across when i first started this little research. I believe it is important to have questions of your own to search for an answer to, because even though some aspects of health mights seem obvious i believe we all have slightly different thoughts when it comes to health especially in regards to how we ourselves can live a healthy life. 

Here are the questions i came across, maybe you have an answer to them, maybe you can use them in your own research or maybe i can come up with an answer to share with you guys here on the blog at some point. 

How do i know that i am healthy? Who is responsible for my health? Is health a human right? Can i get too healthy? How do i balance health and a sinful life (with room for chocolate cake, licorice and french fries)?

Excited to continue this talk about health and next up i will dive a little bit more into what the webpages i found had to say about health. Happy Saturday everyone!

// Katrine 

*WHO definition found on http://www.who.int/about/definition/en/print.html

* Picture found on https://dk.pinterest.com/pin/AV8w-8WJ0SCOpJV9uwx1Fz6__rr3U79C7gSfyKmRIJY6IY2OU6oUJjo/



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