First official post – Welcome

Hello there! So today is the day i’m finally deciding to write my first official blog post. I figured it was about time, since the blog itself has been existing for quite some time now.

I’ve always found it quite difficult to figure out exactly what to write and what not to write as well as when and how often. Especially because i also think a lot about the amount of hours i have in a day, how to spend them best possible and on what. As you can probably guess i wanna be productive with my time both in relation to having fun and enjoying my self but certainly also in relation to learning, improving and in general keeping up with the world and my idea of where i wanna be in the future.

Clearly i have lots and lots of thoughts twirling around in my head and for me to act on an idea there has to be some sort of greater meaning which gives it all some sort of purpose so i dont feel like i’m wasting my time. It might seem quite harsh, but i’m sure i’m not the only one out there feeling like this.

However, time to move on… Welcome to my universe, my blog, my sharingspace hopefully  i will be able to create some content of interest to you guys and hopefully i will find joy in creating it! Happy friday to you all!

// Katrine

By the way… this is me, in case you were wondering 🙂



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