Quick Thoughts and Tiny Spaces

Hi there! I can’t believe it’s Monday once again already… I’m not really sure where time goes these days, but i feel like it flies by and theres only about a week till we’re in March. 

Come March i can get the keys to my dorm room and i’m so excited! Cant wait to finally have a place all on my own even though it’s not that big and i have to share a kitchen with a bunch of other people. At least i’m going to have my own bathroom. My hope is that it’s going to be easier to create some more concrete content for the blog with pictures and such. I’m also thinking about starting a youtube channel (in danish though) where i talk about health, food and maybe include some exercises… i have a lot of thoughts.

At the moment I’m at my moms, sipping on a cup of coffee in front of the fireplace. I realise that its been about a week since my last post, so it seems like today was about time to put down a few lines of words. To be honest i’m really counting the days till march, but i do have a lot of things to do these next couple of days, so its no like i’m bored or anything, guess i’m just really looking forward to moving. 

While writing this post (i actually had no idea of what to write about) i thought about looking for some inspiration for how to decorate small places in order to get some ideas for my tiny dorm room. I might not be able to do anything major, but either way, heres a few photos i found really inspiring! 



Valentines Day & Simple Thoughts

Good morning lovebirds and lovely people! 

I am still a little bit emotional today, though not because it’s valentines day. If you’re curious about my emotional state you can find yesterdays post right here. I also wanna add that i had a visit at around 11pm yesterday from a woman who had hunted me down just to get my signature on a pieces of paper, because she had an unfortunate accident at the store i work at. It was a long time ago though and deeply unpleasant, but hopefully there will be no more bad karma revolving this issue. 

I have no classes today and i don’t have any plans before in the evening either so i have a slow morning. I made pancakes and celebrated my roommates birthday. 

Yesterday i joined one of the teams at the running club i thought about joining – it was a little bit nerve-racking but a good experience all in all and i think it could be good for me to join a club like that, all though, another team might be a good idea. My plan is to join them on Wednesday as well. Now… my homework is waiting for me so I better get to it, so I can enjoy the rest of the day with my other roommate when she gets back from school. 

For those of you who celebrate valentines day i hope it will be filled with love, kisses and warm hugs, but i actually which the same for those of you who don’t. Either way i hope theres a lot of good karma in the air and that theres an excess of people who feel joy today! 

// Katrine

(Heres a little reminder for those of you who are having a hard time today… but also for those who woke up next to someone they love or care for and feel an abundance of joy today!)



Good afternoon out there! 











So once again it’s Monday. A day i believe might divide people, because some people are fine with Mondays while others really aren’t. Personally I’m usually fine with Mondays, I even love them sometimes. 

Today however, have been an exception so far. Mostly because i woke up with a lot of thoughts on my mind and i still haven’t really been able to quiet them down. It didn’t really make it better that i slipped on the ice outside our house. But, the day got a lot better as classes began and this evening i have my first run together with a running club here in Aarhus which i have been thinking about joining for some time now. Im super excited! 

At the moment I’m just sipping on a cup of coffee, about to change into my running clothes. Even though I’m excited I’m also frightened because i tend to get anxious around new people, especially when i have to perform but, since i love running i hope i can relax in todays experience and that this running club is something i can find joy in. 

Just felt like checking in and ease my mind on this somewhat emotional Monday! Hope you all had a good start of the week!

// Katrine

The Mystery of Calories In/Calories Out

Hi there, its Sunday morning and i’m at my moms this weekend, writing at the dining table while the coffee is brewing. My mom lives in a small town outside of Aarhus with her boyfriend and they’re joined by his 10 year old son once a week. Its quite cozy when we’re all together like this. Yesterday all of us went for a long run/bikeride around a lake near by and today we’re going swimming. I love how we over time have become such an active family because it fits so well with who i am as a person.


(picture found via pinterest)

Activity is a fun thing because like almost all other things concerning the body and its functions it can be measured in so many ways and every single one of us has an idea of what kinds of activity our body are best suited for, what we find joy in and what we don’t.

As i wrote about in a previous post, running has always been a part of my life and like many other runners, i like the freedom running gives me and then theres something about feeling my body accelerate and almost fly through the air, which makes me ecstatic and very happy.

One of the things which crosses my mind every time i do any type of exercise is this thing about calories in vs. calories out – i think about what’s going on inside my body when i exercise and how the calories are actually ‘getting out’ of my body. Exercise is good, we all know that because the positive effects of exercise far exceeds the negative but, its only a few of us who actually are familiar with all the processes going on inside the body when we exercise. Just to be clear, I’m not even half way through my bachelor so I’m no expert, but my interest in this field has been here since i was very young and i believe that’s what drives me to search for knowledge and answers. 

Yesterday i began researching a little bit more than usual about calories, starting with a short video i actually came across a few years ago and i made a category on my youtube account called nutrition, so i can save all the videos i’ve watched and have found interesting and/or relevant. I’ve linked to two videos down below and i might keep you updated on some of the things i find interesting if i can find an way to unfold some of my very perplex thoughts. Hopefully a weird update like this can be enough for now?

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend so far!

Video 1: This is 200 calories

Video 2: What is a calorie?

// Katrine



What is health #2

Happy friday everyone! 

Thought it was about time to continue this talk about what health is. If you haven’t yet read it you can find my first post in this category right here.


(picture found via pinterest) 

In the last post I began the discussion of what health is on a broader scale by scratching the surface of what i gathered from my mini-google-research on health. I also mentioned the WHO definition and advised you to ponder over it for a few minutes before i asked you a string of questions i stumbled upon during my little research.

My research led me to four different webpages, each of which i assessed and compared to each other in relation to their similarities and differences. My main purpose with the research was to find out what kind of information on health we are faced with when doing a simple google search – i wanted to know if i would find information which was actually useful and understandable for individuals who does not have the same basic knowledge on health as me and my fellow classmates have.

So what did i actually gather from this little research? Well in Denmark we have an encyclopedia called “Den store danske” by a very large and well known publisher called “Gyldendal”. Translated “Den store danske” means “The Great Danish” and contains knowledge on practically everything you can think of, as an encyclopedia does. It is very easy to read but there is a lot of information and sometimes it can be necessary to read as much as possible to be sure that you’ve got everything you needed and did not leave anything more important out. Now this site was the first i read and actually made a good foundation for what i gathered from the next three pages as well. 

My own interest in health is pretty big so i wasn’t surprised by the fact that the general information on health and definition of it is similar to each other almost no matter which site you go to. The difference is how they have chosen to write about health and where their focus lies. Some sites has a starting point on the physical part because they believe that focusing on being healthy is beneficial to get your body into a better physical shape (i don’t disagree) and some sites are focused on the mental part as the most important factor to also achieve physical health.

Now i did do the search in danish, because even though everything i learn is taught in english i’m still mostly communication to danish people (such as my family and friends) so at the moment i feel like these people are my target group and therefor it is the knowledge available to them i also have to have a basic understanding of. To those of you who are interested these are the four webpages i found and assessed. 


vicekosmos.dk (this site has had a few changes to it since i did the research and the information i found is no longer available at the site, but Kosmos is a national center of health, exercise and nutrition for children and adolescents so i believe their information is legit) 



The webpages are in danish so they naturally won’t do much good to those of you who aren’t danish, but i would definitely advise all of you to do your own research on health and WHO is not a bad place to start. Almost al countries do have their own health sites so maybe take a look around that site as well. Unfortunately this post wasn’t as detailed as i thought it could have been but i realised that there is no need to out-water the subject when I’ve pretty much made my point in the first post about health and in this one as well, power i do think i will make a third one and do a proper sum up so i dont leave the subject to open and undefined. Hope you liked it and hope you’ll all have a great friday and weekend as well. 

// Katrine

Occupational Hazard & American Psycho

Good morning everyone! The weekend is just around the corner and since I’m almost feeling completely well I’m hoping it can be a productive one for me! I am still looking foreward to my classes tomorrow though since I’ve had no classes the last couple of days. Its a pretty good coincidence because then I have had the opportunity to get well without skipping classes. Thats not really my style.

I just wanted to check in and share a random thought which sort of developed after a chat i had with my roommate the other day. We talked about how education by definition is supposed to expand our minds but really it seems like people tend to become more narrow-minded as they start studying for more specific professions. As an example, both me and my roommate are studying to become GNH professionals which means we will have a much more detailed knowledge of health and nutrition than most people. The knowledge we get becomes so natural and obvious to us, that we start to wonder why there are some people who has absolutely no knowledge of how good or bad different food products are for your health – in that way we become narrow-minded because it gets harder for us to understand how some people have almost no knowledge in regards to food and nutrition. On the other hand our other roommate is studying to become an engineer and has a hard time understanding how people doesn’t have a bigger interest in how their own home is structured. But, thats also the beauty of different professions: that there are experts in all sorts of fields and that everyone doesn’t have to be experts at everything, because in that way we need each other and can complement each other to create a good society where everyone is needed for their specific skills. 

I’ve also experienced that both due to my study and my interests (which is almost the same) i have become tuned in on a specific way of thinking and naturally starts to link almost everything to health, nutrition and exercise in some twisted way. Thats why i also thought it wound be fun to share this following connection with you guys:

One of the things i mention in my description is that i have many interests, and as you probably gathered from my previous post, running is on of them. Another interest of mine is movies and movies are a perfect thing to spend time watching when you’re giving your legs some time of from all that running. All though i enjoy many genres, i do have a preference for all types of thrillers. It might seem a little morbid but, American Psycho is actually my favorite. In my defense the casting of Christian Bale might have had quite an influence in that department.

Theres a lot of things i like about movies and about American Psycho in particular which is why i got excited when i some time ago stumbled upon this post from intouchweekly.com. 


(Picture found via google.dk) 

I don’t know about you guys but i’ve always been amazed with method actors and how dedicated some of them become to a certain character. I think it speaks to me because i’ve always been interested in how much in control of our self we can be and how that behaviour reminds me of some sort of shape-shifting (I write while having pictures of Mystique from X-men inside my head, wishing that was possible.) 

To some degree i also link the part about control and shape-shifting to the world of fitness where many people exercise control in order to change their looks and size. In many cases people can become completely manic about their food prepping and workouts which is another theme (i guess you can say that) in the movie. Especially the main character Patric Bateman has a quite manic behaviour, with his workout an beauty routines. 

I fear that people around me might grow tired of my constant babbling about nutrition and fitness – But, ultimately i hope you guys enjoyed this post after all. 

// Katrine

A Passion for Running

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I’m currently sitting in my bed, looking out on the snowy weather outside my window, wishing i could just go for a run in the cold white snow. Unfortunately I’ve become a little bit sick and I fear that a run in the snow isn’t gonna have a very healing effect. And, since I’m not exactly keen on bed rest or being ill in general I wanna get well as soon as possible. 

Luckily I managed to go to the gym yesterday and get in a fine workout, so I’m counting on doing that again today. I also thought today would be a good time to share with you guys, my passion for running. It’s probably my number one passion and I’ve been running regularly since I was very young. 

Unfortunately I had a tiny accident with my right knee a few years back so I had to take a break in order for it to heal, but recently I’ve really gotten back into it and I’m super excited to finally be able to run the Aarhus City Half Marathon again this june. It will be the third time I’m running the Aarhus City Half Marathon. 

If you’re curious about this Half Marathon theres a short clip from the 2015 race right here and from 2016 here

Here’s also a few pictures from some previous races i’ve attended (almost always with my mom – Luckily we share the passion). The first one is from a run on the morning of New Years eve (ironically enough called the New Years Run) the second is from my first 12k run which was an all women’s run, and the last one is from the second time i ran the Aarhus City Half Marathon, back in 2015. 

// Katrine


On advocating health

Hello there and happy Tuesday! Here in Denmark it’s snowing at the moment and i just finished eating breakfast.

As it appears from the name of the blog and my previously written posts, i advocate health. But what is health exactly? Are we talking a healthy body, free from injury and in good shape or are we talking mental health as in being happy and free from too much worry? If you haven’t yet read my first post devoted specifically to the topic of health you can find it right here and maybe it can answer the questions above.

Personally I believe in balancing both bodily and mental health. But, when you choose to advocate something, i also believe that it is important to know exactly what your advocating but also why as well as how. I would say that it is pretty hard to advocate something if you can’t really define it. So that is sort of what i wanted to try and do with this post. 


(Picture found via pinterest.com) 

Naturally, my idea of what health and being healthy is, has developed as I’ve grown older and it will probably continue to develop. Health is an enormous field which is constantly under revision. 

What I feed my body and brain with is probably the area I’m most concerned with in regards to health, but I can’t say that I’m neglecting the physical part, not at all. However, I do agree with my textbook for my nutrition course which suggests that nutrition has the biggest influence on your overall health. But, regular exercise can get you a long way and combining the two (both nutrition and exercise) is the ultimate cocktail for good health. 

There are a lot of things I know about healthy choices in regards to food and exercise, such as the kind of choices that work for me, which nutrients the body actually needs to function properly on an everyday basis, and what types of foods we can find those nutrients in. Nonetheless there are also things i do not know. A lot of things in fact but, hopefully these next three years will provide me with nothing but knowledge and wisdom. 

// Katrine 


Mastering The Skill of Perpetuating

I recently began the second semester of my bachelor in Global Nutrition and Health. It’s both exciting and a little bit frightening that half a year of studying has already passed, but seen in the light of the fact that i have three more years to go, it suddenly doesn’t seem like a lot of time has gone by. 

One of the courses in this semester is called Educational Theory and Practise and our reading material are amongst others those of the great philosophers Aristotle, Socrates & Plato as well as Wolfgang Klafki and John Locke. Luckily for me i really enjoy all that philosophical stuff and i like studying where all the great thoughts and ideas which todays cultures and systems are build on have derived from. I like knowing certain things from their very beginning to the end or as far as it goes, but i could imagine that for those who does not have a particular interest in these matters might feel a little lost and despaired over this course. 

I however, feel very little satisfaction for another course which is concerned with communication. Not that the topic itself isn’t interesting, but i guess some of you guys can recollect memories of teachers who had the ability to really perpetuate something which really could have taken 5 seconds to go over. Well, the teacher who teaches this course is in fact that kind of a teacher and even though i really want to pay attention and be “a good student” i find it very difficult. Luckily the course is not that difficult and i learn enough from reading the syllabus, so if my ability to concentrate in class starts to drop, i am not completely lost. 

As far as monday’s goes this one has been a fine one so far. I’m an early bird so i awoke early with coffee and oatmeal whilst shifting between homework and Watching ‘The Originals’ before heading to school and then back home again. Now i am leaving to go to the gym, which is very much needed. I will probably spend the evening cooking and doing some more homework, before i go to sleep with a few pages of ‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka. 

Hope you all had a great start of the week!

// Katrine